SarahAboutMeSarah G.,  Founder and Coach

I’ve been a firefighter, a police officer, a wildness leader, a mountain climber, a bike racer and an EMT.  Right now, my passion is the challenging endurance sport of Adventure Racing: non-stop racing under various modes of travel in far away places.  I take care of my body, and my mind and I strive to be someone on whom nothing is lost.

I’ve learned lessons about resiliency on an Army base in Iraq, practiced my self-control climbing featureless granite slabs, relied on my determination during competition and honed my perseverance through a both fire academy AND a police academy.

As you can tell, I pursue challenges. And I think you should to.  Whether it be completing your first 5K, starting a business, or climbing to the top of a craggy peak, I believe the voluntary pursuit of things that are hard is the surest way to self improvement.

In an effort to help others eradicate their self-limiting beliefs and get the hell out of their own way, I’ve become a Certified Professional Success Coach.  As a coach, I have the opportunity to create a unique relationship with my clients and help them improve their lives.

I created The Grit Factory to be a resource.  I want it to encourage individuals to pursue challenges and provide support along the way.  In these pages are tips and tricks for when things get dark.  I pull from both my own experience and the wisdom that numerous athletes, entrepreneurs, and others have shared in hopes of finding things that work.